Friday, April 27, 2007

Top 5 Dumbest Moments Ever Witnessed

Tuesday Sam, Josh, and I were heading over to White Bear lake to join the Ride and Glide group ride. When we got to the intersection of Hwy 61 and 96 we had stopped for a red light. There was a guy in his late 20's early 30's waiting on the corner to cross on a bike also(t-shirt & jeans riding a department store bike). As we were chit-chatting away this guy decides to start crossing the street. The light was no where near going to turn green. Traffic was heavy and there were cars lined up in the right-turn only lane to our right. So as the dude was crossing, the cars perpenicular to us, who had a green light and where going through the intersecton at 50mph, were blinded by the right turn only cars. We were thinking,"Is this for real" and I saw a truck comming full bore on the other side of all the cars and I thought "No way." The truck slams on his brakes, and the bikes front wheel gets taken out by the rear of the truck and the guy goes down. The truck pulls off the road, but the dude on the bike just gets up, remounts his bike, and starts riding off like nothing happened. We figure he was either drunk or high off of something. If that guy was 1 second faster, he would have been creamed. How dumb can one get.

On a softer note, the group ride went well. It started slow but as soon as we got to the first big climb going up co rd 11 from 95 near Stillwater, we started the first attack. I let a guy pace up the hill then Sam and I kept it rolling over the top. The group of about 15 was now down to 5 of us. The route up to square lake had plenty of climbing and every time I looked back a chase group was trying to rejoin. On the last big hill I think they gave up because we were all pounding nails and I couldn't see anyone anymore. All the way back on county7 we were catching the slower groups that started earlier, plus I think some were from the county cycles ride. Seemed like there were 2-4 riders spaced every mile. Sam was suffering but I was feeling alright. One guy made an attack on the last incline, I took his wheel and he got nowhere. Every one stuck together for the approaching sprint and I just sat in the back while the others were getting frisky and making alot of surges. I learned my lesson last year on starting a sprint too early. In the final stretch I jumped wheels and got a nice slingshot around to take 1st. I did my best impression of Doug Swanson by slapping my leg and yelling "Boooom!". I hit 1100+ watts. Not too bad. Shure is nice to open up the throttle a bit now. One last training weekend before the racing starts :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hitting the Dirt

Not much went on this week as it was recovery. I don't know if I said this before but I'm doing 2 week blocks instead of 3 weeks for training this year. After 2 weeks I have a recovery period of 4-5 days. This way I can still get in my good weekend rides every week. So today me and Sam wanted to head up to Elk River for a couple of laps then go up to St Cloud and have Kyia show us around on their trails. The weather said differently,however. So we went to Lebbenon for a couple hot laps and then went to the river bottoms. The river bottom ride was interesting. We got our MORC hrs in for the year. When we arrived at the raft we were just in time to help them put it in. After spending 20 min or so helping them we got across and made it all the way to the Bloomington ferry bridge.The trails are supper fast and dry.Going noth from the 35W bridge is soggier but manageable. We were feeling bit determined and made a tricky log crossing over a steam crossing. One slip would have meant some deep and mucky water.We made it across the Cedar bridge but a few miles further we had to turn around because of high water. I think we could have found a way around but it would have been alot of bush wacking. We were content with our time anyway and we were getting hungery.I'd say mid next week every thing will be dry down there. On the way back I built a little crossing to substitute for the treachorous crossing we did on the way out. After me and Sam made it across a kid tried it and slipped shin deep into the mud. I wish I had the camera for that one. Another camera moment was when me and Sam were booking down the trail and these two teens were lip-locked right on the side of the trail. You know one of those romantic kisses like in the movies with their eyes closed....well, you get the idea. They must have thought they were the only ones down there. Yep, lots of high flying action on the river bottoms. Watch out for falling limbs on these windy days,They were raining down today. -E.O.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tech report-kind of

If you like the I-pod as much as I do to keep sane during those long rides, your going to love the Belkin Sport Command.This is the best accessory for sports enthusiasts.Its a wireless remote for your I-pod.It was developed for snowboarders in mind but is also just as good on the bike.I got it in the middle of winter and it has worked flawlessly in the cold and wet.The nicest thing about the controller is that its washable and water proof,and the buttons are controllable with big gloves on.I no longer have to dig for my I-pod in the back of my jersey when someone wants to talk or when I want to crank some motivation.Obviously you can't access the menu but you can turn the player on and off with it. I highly recommend The product.

I found a new favorite training tire.The Michilin Speedium tire has been holding up nicely in the spring road debris.I'm always one for a deal,at $11.00 a tire (on sale at performance) you can't go wrong.Weighing in at 300 grams its no lightweight but there are alot heavier tires at a higher price.For training a heavier tire with more rubber is better anyway, they don't flatten off nearly as fast.They role really nice and if you get caught in some rain its heavily siped.I've ridden through alot of road debris and glass and I don't even have any slits in them (knock on wood). A name brand tire at an off brand price is a score for me.
Oh,and good luck to all the racers at Oxbow this weekend.First race for alot of people.Sorry,not going this year.Not ready for that fast pace action just yet.Going for a nice 90-100 miler instead and going to work on that tan line.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its not over yet

Looks like winter is having one final word this year

One sign that mom is gone. I had better start cooking.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

T.A.N part Deux

What a tough week.After hiding indoors when the cold came for two days,I somehow found the motivation to make it outside.Thursday I battled the wind by myself for 3 hrs then Friday I commuted to school with a gargantuan backpack,after school I did a loop going up to Marine on the St Croix.When I got back to school I was about to go cross-eyed so I downed a snickers bar and 20oz of Pepsi.Sans gargantuan backpack, I battled the relentless winds for my 45min commute back home from school.I don't know about everyone else but it seemed no matter which direction I went (except south)I was pushing into a wind.After 4 hrs in a frigid 30 mph wind alone, I called it a day.Today I picked up Eric Thompson and we went over to Mammoth to hook up with Sam,the two hammerheads;Chris and Brendan,and a guy that works with Brendan.We made it about 45min before calling it because the trails were getting too muddy and slick.So Sam,Eric and I went and rode the gateway trail which is the best place to go when its windy.Todays total-3hrs.19 hrs for this week sounds good. I think I'm going to eat for the remainder of it.
Ebay made my day yesterday as I sold my Zipp 303's.I'm $921.00 richer:)I'm going to get a Jet 50 front wheel to match the power-tap with some of the money. Now I just need to sell the Dos Niner...hint,hint.
The parents left on vacation thursday for 2 weeks.They are going to explore the east coast.My dad is a big history buff and he wants to see some Navy ships.I hope they brought some warm clothes.Mid 30's for highs all the way down to the Mexican border today.Crazy!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More training

Sunday Sam and I joined the Thompsons and some of the UofM riders for a short ride.Got a little wet at the end but nothing like Saturday.I hit 1200watts sprinting against Eric T. on his mountain bike.He is going to be a powerhouse this year.Watch out.

Monday was the first and last nice day this week so I made it a good ride.I took my new Scandinavian boondock tour that I'm incorporating this year for a little different scenery. Before I used to stay south of 97 from Forest lake to Scandia.Now I go north to Lindstrom back through Wyoming,and East Bethel. Round trip is around 85-90 miles.Its alot better country as the roads take me through forested areas,swamp and prairie grass instead of farm fields. Good flat base miles.I'm 150lbs now.Down from 158 this winter.Thats a big accomplishment for me.Rubber side down-Eric