Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Daily ramblings II

I wish we had some decent snow around here.If its going to be cold we might as well have the snow so we can do something.Because there is hardly any place to ski its hard to get motivated to get outside in the cold.Though last year I started the tradition to bike on the coldest day of the year just to say I did it,it was -7 with a -25 wind chill 3.5 hrs in the saddle.Me and Sam have been hitting the river bottoms on the weekends.In the past the mtb have stayed in the basement all winter.I'm pushing back the start to my base miles.Seemed like last year I felt too good too soon.I'm not going to hit the bike hard until late Feb. this year.Me and Sam go to the ice oval here and there when the ski conditions go down.Yesterday everyone on the track was getting smoked by this girl.And it looked like she was taking it easy.We were talking to some of the guys inside afterward who have been around a while and they're like "yeah,she's one of the top 3 in the nation right now and can beat most of the guys around here." This area over here is a hot spot for Olympic speed skating talent.Mainly because the clubs around here put an emphisis on starting them young.Alot of the coaches are former Olympians themselves.Its a good strong speed skating community they have here in the cities,fun to be around and learn so much.
School has been going good.On my 3rd week now.My English class is part online so most of my computer time is spent there,thats why I haven't blogged in a while.And I have a lack of content.Once the training season gets under way it should pick up.I noticed they have open volleyball at school so I might get involved with that too. And Don't forget about the Bike swap Feb 11th.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tech Report

Could it be?Custom rotors that weigh a measly 47 grams!? There is still more to be done to this rotor and it will gain slightly, but a little R&D and we shall see.More to come.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

After sliding all over Lebenon on Sunday I decided that the Aerator for he rear and the Gothica for the front would be a good idea.I made them, so thats what I'm calling them.I derived them from a "Hollywood" style ice crit tire I saw in the corner of his shop.Get this though,even with all those screws it weighs 800-900grams.I have Innova studded tires which weigh up around 1300grams each! I took them out on the lake today and they were flawless.John Thompson was skiing next to me and it was faster to bike.I climbed the nearby sledding hill standing with no slipping at all.The only downside is they pick up all the trash and leaves you run over.

Sam is putting some bling factor into our bikes this year with some custom rotors.He's practicing to program the CNC machine at work.And he's shaving weight at the same time
Well tomarrow is the big day.Back to the books after 6 years of being out from school.I think I'll adapt quick.I don't mind studying.If I get a little disturbed I'll just think back to freezing my butt off on top of a roof in -25 degrees,sucking in partner saw fumes and concrete dust in a confined space,or the all too familiar monday after a race and you have to pour concrete or carry shingles up a ladder.OOOOOUUUUUUUUCh!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

American Cup 2

National speed skating at John Rose Ice Oval

I went to watch a national event today at the oval.Some fast guys there.Mike Blumel was the fastest.He's part of the US Team and has quads the size of my waist.Those guys make it look so easy.Then when you try it you truly learn some respect for the people that can hold their form for 1500-10,000 meters.When I try it my back gives out before my legs,and my form goes to crap.Skating is one of those sports where you have to learn to go slow before you can go fast.Its all in the technique which takes a great deal of strength to hold.I have been improving greatly though and am catching on quick which is encouraging.Someday I'll be ready to race.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

What does 2007 have in store?

Thats a question I'd like to know too.Well 2007 holds some huge changes for me.As of Wednesday of this last week I am no longer a carpenter.I gave my 2 week notice last Friday and that put me at the top of the list for a layoff when it got slow, and thats exactly what happened.But it turned out to be good because I need the time to get everything ready to go back to school.Thats right I'm hitting the books once again.I'm going to Century College for an Associate in Arts degree then transfer into another College a couple years from now.I'm thinking maybe an engineering degree.I was always good at math and science in high school.I'm getting a bit excited, I kind of miss the books.
I know this will be a shock to many but I didn't want to say anything untill it was written in stone.
As far as a job, I don't know yet.I have to see how much time I spend at school to get an idea at what kind of hrs I can handle.When Summer rolls around I'm hoping I can get a job at Hed since they're right across the lake from me.Sam will still have me beat by a block for a shorter commute though.The nice thing about having a carpentry background is I can do side jobs.I already have a guy at church that wants me to help build his house this spring.
I still plan on racing this summer.I don't know how much training I'm going to get this spring but I'll utilize my time as much as possible.
Thats a little sneak peek at what my plans are for the next year another big adventure.

Don't forget to attend the 07 Twin Cities Bike Swap I spent a good part of the day pricing and going through all the cabinets.I didn't realize how much stuff we have.To give you an idea, we're selling 13 wheels, 5 bikes,a frame,5+ pairs of shoes,stems,seatposts,forks,tires,ect.Chris, Brendan,and Ben are contributing to the stack too.I told my mom I sould make a sign that says "All proceeds will be put back into the cycling industry" (for the other guys anyway).The tables will be full thats for sure.So come on down and spend some dough.After all, I need the money for college.