Saturday, March 31, 2007


Anyone who braved the weather today I would think of them as Tough As Nails.It brought flashbacks of Kenwoods from last year.Wind,cold,and rain.Me and Sam set out this morning for Scandia. Sam broke a spoke yesterday and had to run the God awful heavy backup stock wheels on the beater.He was suffering in the wind and so I felt obligated to pull 80% of the way through the headwind.We were fortunate enough that we stayed dry the first 2 hrs to Scandia.As soon as we started back it started to rain and only got worse.A big dark sky was heading for us and we thought "Oh crap, here it comes." Shure enough when we headed south on county 55 the sky broke loose with a massive gully washer. There's nothing we could do about it we were soaked like we just jumped in a lake."No stopping now," I told Sam.Can't stop when its 40 degrees and your wet. Sam for some reason was feeling a bit spry, while I was feeling the earlier efforts from pounding a headwind. I'm sure glad it was a tailwind all the way back otherwise we would have been cursing the wind.We were both soggy and blown by the time we got back.I sure was glad this one was in the record books. This was alot harder than the century we did last weekend and it was only 4 hrs.Thats why we call them bonk bikes, right? Rubber side down-Eric

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Filling the Quiver

This is Sams new hardtail.He got the frame and fork over e-bay.The frame was only $300.The frame weight is 3.4lbs.Race ready weight will be 21.5-22 lbs.The Fork and frame are a perfect match.

This is Sams full suspension for this year. I think he wants to put a different fork on.At 25lbs its a bit on the heavy side but compared to the Salsa its an improvement.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


"Hey Griswal,run in the livingroom and get me my stoggie"
Entire ride (168w):
Duration: 5:21:51
Work: 3224 kJ
TSS: 349.7 (intensity factor 0.81)
Norm Power: 202
Distance: 98.597 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1096 168 watts
Heart Rate: 24 171 138 bpm
Cadence: 22 141 86 rpm
Speed: 0 43.4 18.5 mph
Torque: 0 479 66 lb-in

Peak 5s (1069w):
Duration: 0:05
Work: 5 kJ
TSS: n/a
Norm Power: n/a
Distance: 213 ft
Min Max Avg
Power: 1042 1096 1069 watts
Heart Rate: n/a n/a n/a bpm
Cadence: 80 85 83 rpm
Speed: 28.3 29.5 28.9 mph
Torque: 233 256 244 lb-in


I cracked open some of my comcast high speed internet.I Dabbed a little bit on the legs and....


put a few drops on the Surly and...

That stuff is fast!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


MILES has been the theme for the past week.I got in a little over 21 hrs on the bike last week.3 rides between 4-4.5 hrs and one 5.5 hr ride. Everything has been low and slow.Low intensity = slow speeds. Except for the 5.5 hr ride, I was riding solo. I think its best to go solo right now because I can go at my own pace otherwise it could turn into a hammerfest. Not only that but the bonk bike is in full effect.Lugging around my 28lb luxury sedan with a 5lb backpack on is hard work.On these long rides I try and incorporate high cadences. Alot of times I'll shift to one gear higher than normal.My normal average cadence is around 90rpm so doing this puts me at about 100 rpm.Going slow also gives me time to think about my pedal stroke.I can concentrate on making circles instead of holding the wheel in front of me. I plan on a couple more weeks of this until I start some group rides and kicking it up a notch. Hopefully my plan works out and things go smoothly this year.I found its alot easier to recover sitting in the classroom than walking around all day hauling stuff.I found out last week that I can't take a full day off in the middle of a couple long days like I could in the past.The ride after a full day off,my legs started to seize up.I think it would be best to spin on the trainer for 45 min or so instead of doing nothing like I once could. If you want to know how the pro's train, take a look at local pros Paul TJ and Jeff's site. I wish them the best this year. They are putting in alot of hard work. Oh, and be careful out there Ian had a close encounter yesterday and is lucky to be alive.There Are people like out there who picture us with a target on our backs.

Take a good look.You won't see this too often.I convinced Sam into having a Coke after 5hrs of riding.I like washing down a few York peppermint patty cookies with a can myself.Best bonk buster I know.The peppermint patties also give you that minty freshness in your mouth too.

This is how Hollywood opens up a bottle of wine. Silver Cycling had their party at his store friday.Everyone stocked up on some items and some of the team members picked up their new frames.Good times.RSD-Eric

Thursday, March 15, 2007

County crews were out unplugging culverts all week.Got to this one a bit late.When I was pulling up on the bike,the owner waterskipped across his yard with his snowmobile. The pic only shows half of the yard.

You people who have done the tour of 10,000 lakes know where this is.Too bad they canceled it again.I was looking forward to racing it.

Here's yet another one from hwy 95 going into Stillwater.I like that stretch along the St Croix.I put in 9 hrs in those 2 warm days we had.Hit a record of 66 degrees tuesday. I saw Andy Kruse on his way out on a ride when I was comming back.Still, didn't see as many bikers as I expected would be out.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello Warmth

Earlier this week I did the City of the Lakes Loppet course.I didn't know you could ski so far through the middle of the city. Over bridges, around lakes, through the woods,down a canal.It was great fun.They only groomed half of the course that morning so the second half south of 394 was sketch.This pic is down the canal which goes into Lake of the Isles.

This pic is of the Quaking Bog section.Steep hills and tight narrow corners.It reminded me of skiing in Itasca State Park.

Today Josh Schwantes joined Sam and I on our ride today.He lives a couple miles from our house.Its nice to have someone bigger to draft.The temps have been incredible and with the sun being so warm its getting in the 50's.Day Light savings is tonight too.Sunset after 7:00 now.Sweet

My dad came home with the flu thursday, layed on the couch all day.Then friday,I came down with it.I could hardly stand up I was so achey and sick.Now today I go ride for 4 hrs.Is that a bad thing? I felt ok, but could still feel the bug had not totally left yet.One more week untill spring break.I can't believe I'm half way through the semester.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A picture I've been waiting for all year. Look at those beautifully groomed trails.
William O'Brian was spectacular too.I got in about 70km this weekend. Some was even under the full moonlight.I'm enjoying as much as I can.Went to the bike expo sunday as well.Not a whole lot.Just kicked a few tires and see some of the new stuff comming out.Well, gotta do more homework and go for another long ski,latter

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Leave it up to H'wood to pull something like this.

This is the way Hollywood advertises over in Europe

Thursday, March 01, 2007

last week of speedskating

I got the angle of the camera better on this one.I have to put in a plug for George Faber since he is the guy leading out in the blue and black outfit.He's playing a gig friday March 9th at 7:00 or 7:30 at the Grind coffee shop kitty corner from County Cycles in the strip mall on Lexington, 1 block north of County Rd C. He's a well known local artist.