Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Motorcycle mud madness

Had a blast this weekend motoring around up at the cabin with my cousin.We rode from his spot in longville to ours in Remer.70 miles round trip in 3 hrs.3/4 of the journey was atv trail the rest was dirt road.The land in our area is swampy so even though it was dry out, there are still mud puddles everywhere.These puddles don't have hard bottoms like in the Chequamy where you can blast through most of them.These are deep and mucky.Axle deep muck lies at the bottom.Every incline had washouts on either side with large rocks strewn about to make navigating the trails a little more challenging.The mud pit pictured was the nastiest.We both got stuck in this marsh and had to muscle the machines through.I was getting some good hight on flinging the mud.It was whipping up over my shoulder at times.Saw a whole bunch of grouse.Some would fly right down the trail along side of you for a few seconds.Ben said he should have tried to grab one.When we got back Ben was beat,His arms and hands were tingling from all the vibration.
I got the ground blind and tree stands ready for this weekend.Time to fill the freezer.

I am so glad I picked last weekend to go up north.The guys worked from 8am to 9pm on saturday.Came monday they were a bit ornary after such a short weekend.This is a typical exterior wall in the place.You can't see it very good but they left a bunch of Hilti pins in the wall from the concrete forms.The chipping hammer tracks on the beams and columns are obvious from taking the plaster off.I bet they told the workers to do the crappiest job possible,and don't blend anything.Notice the galvanized flat stock trim around the windows.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ah, the city life

This is the view from the top of the American Trio Building that I'm currently working on.This weekend they're bringing in a crane to lift up the walls for the extra story added to the elevator penthouse.It seems like I picked the right weekend to take a friday off and head up north.The less fortunate will be comming in sat afternoon and set the walls.Each wall will be flown in in two sections weighing about 600lbs each.
This place is psyco.Its an old renovated warehouse building from the 30's but the style or "In thing" is exposed brick and ceiling,so you see everything in the rooms,duct work,wire molding,nothing is or can be hidden in the walls.I'll get a pic soon.You have to see it to believe it.The lofts start at $400,000.Insane
This morning I was watching these two guys waiting for the valet to get their cars (I'd want one too if I was paying $400,000 for a condo)I figured by the way they looked that they were... ah,you know, a couple merry men.My assumption was confirmed when they kissed each other goodbye on the lips.Excuse me while I loose my breakfast in the corner here.That is just plain WRONG.There is quite a bit of merryness running around in this area.two weeks ago my two bosses couldn't get in the elevator because some dude was wearing some daisy dukes and a muscle shirt.They wouldn't have made it down the elevator with that guy without busting out laughing.

Morpheous had Tank run the jump program.I couldn't do it.Maybe, if I was being chased by some agents.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Got alot of time on the bike over the weekend.Sat me and my bro hooked up with Chris Brendan and two other guys at mammoth.We rode for atleast 3 hrs of pure singletrack
it was sweet.We kept a good reasonable pace for most of the ride.Once the glycogen meter was nearing empty things went silent and visions of burgers and fries passed through my mind.I think everyone else was feeling it too and we kicked it up a notch just to get back.Mammoth is a great place to ride but don't go alone if its your first time.You will get lost if your not with someone who knows the trails.Very fun and technical singletrack with a variety of style.
Sunday was so nice me and Sam had to make it another long day.We rode up to Scandia for a 3.5 hr stroll.Good day to sit back on the bike and listen to music, not thinking of what interval is next.Good day on the bike.
As far as work,well I've been at the hirise elevator remodel in St Paul.I've been back and forth to this job most of the summer and its only a stinking elevator.There is alot involved with this and its all easier said then done.Very time consuming.Almost done though.Thats the good news, bad news is I have a feeling I'm going to another elevator remodel in Minneapolis thats even worse.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The mighty muskie remains illusive

For the first time in about 3 years we got the boat out in the water last weekend.Me and Sam made the trip up north to Hayward alone.Besides another family we were the only ones at the lodge.Our condo was about the size of our house.3bedroom,two bath,and full kitchen.As you all know the weather over the weekend was fine besides the gail force winds.We were able to fish on the sheltered areas but never caught anything.I guess its a hard lake to fish since there is plenty of food and tons of structure,but when you do get one its a fish of a lifetime.They had 2, 50+" muskies die last spring during spawn.It was fun anyway.

We also tried out the single-track action in Hayward.They have some fun single-track that goes from rosies field to Mosquitto brook road.They hired a bunch of high schoolers to build the trails around the area and they do a nice job.Not many people ride them so they're real rough.I like that north woods experience riding trails and thats what it was.

Not much more going on than that.This weekend we hook up with some boys at Mammoth for some mtbing.Hey,there was a big fire in my hometown of SO.St Paul where my dad is a firefighter.Biggest fire he's seen.Lots of chemicals in the place making for some nasty smoke.They even locked down a school down wind.photos

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chill time

This past weekend included alot of chill time as I went over to visit some family friends at their cabin/country home over by Howard Lake.Did a little motorcycling,fishing,"cowboy golf",and eating.I didn't know it when I arrived but they were hosting the lake committee party.They have a very nice old house.6 bedrooms in the place.Not a fancy place though as it was built in the 1800's.It was nice to see them again.I only saw them once in the last 6-8 years.Everyone grows up so fast.Thanks for letting me come up,I'll be back sometime.

Sunday was another feast as our church sent off the Synan's to North Carolina.They have been with the church from day 1 and some.They will be missed.Their daughter Carla (one of my teachers from high school) found a good way to keep them comming back more often though.They announced that she had a bun in the oven,their first grandchild!I knew it too because when she came to that 25th aniverary deal the first thing I said to her was "Are you preagnant?"Then she went off on how I should never ask a girl that ?. Because if your wrong, your in big trouble and I got that look thats all too familiar.But now I don't feel bad.
This weekend is the fishing trip up to Hayward.I'll try to take some better pics this time.I've been slacking off on quality shots lately