Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tune up

First TT of the year at Withrow tonight. Heavy winds out of the south south west, meant for a fast start but steady headwind on the way back. I opted for the Hed tri-spoke demo wheels which was a good choice for the day. I gave Sam my Ardennes and he was blown away with what he has been missing. He received a well deserved "I told you so". If he thinks the Ardennes are fast wait until he tries the new stinger 60's. Anyway, my goal for this year is hit the 26mph avg mark. I left off at 25mph last year for the 12.5 mile course (20km). I have to see tomorrow if I got it. I may have got a personal best because I felt pretty fast and had consistent power the whole time. Well, the ice cream is calling.  


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