Sunday, May 17, 2009

Erik's Spring Cup

First race is in the books. Its a little nerve wracking going into the first race because you don't know where your fitness stands compared to the rest of the field. The usual's were there with a few new faces mixed in. We had call ups for the first time in the series. Off the start there was no prologue lap, so it was a mad dash to the singletrack. Brendan Moore took the lead followed by Doug Swanson, 18 year old Jack (or James) Hinkens, Jay Henderson, and then me. Jay "Hollywood" Henderson slid out on the first corner and let me go around. Brendan and Doug had a small gap and Jack and I were chasing and a big gap formed to the rest of the field. About half way through the first lap Jack washed out on a corner allowing me around and I built a gap on him. Going into the 2nd lap Brendan and Doug were within a stones throw from me but I just couldn't close it up. I had a hard time getting the flow of the corners which were really dry and slippery.


The second and third lap I was being chased by Jack and I knew he was slowly gaining. I put in a couple surges to see if he would pop and give up but he kept coming. At about almost half way through the fourth lap I believe is when he accomplished the bridge. I was feeling it on the small climbs at this point and was essentially in a lull. I let him by hoping to get a little recovery by sitting on and study him a little more. That little kid can move let me tell you. He has great high speed handling through the single track and he has great acceleration up the hills. I figured my best chances were  in a sprint at the end. While this is happening I was noticing that my front wheel would pull to the outside on the hard corners, making it difficult to keep my lines. Going through the start/finish area I looked down to see my tire almost flat. CRAP! Why do mechanicals have to happen when your doing so good? I must have burped in in a corner somewhere. Needless to say I had to stop and put some co2 in.



While I was airing up Cam Kirkpatrick went by me and I didn't know he was that close. When I got back on the legs did not like it at all. I was in the hurt locker from here on out. To make matters worse Sam, and Jay Richards were closing in fast. I was running for dear life on that last lap and by the time I rolled in for 4th with a time of 1:31:26, Sam and Jay were only 5 sec behind, (I was 4th because Doug dropped out because of a crash and/or mechanical) now that was close. Sam got 5th.

I am happy with the result because I did not feel my best. With the finals stress and some sore legs I was going into this race feeling the worst I have in weeks. I did not feel much power on the climbs like I was a week ago. Thankfully for that first lap when I made the huge gap it was enough to hold everyone off for the rest of the race.


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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tune up

First TT of the year at Withrow tonight. Heavy winds out of the south south west, meant for a fast start but steady headwind on the way back. I opted for the Hed tri-spoke demo wheels which was a good choice for the day. I gave Sam my Ardennes and he was blown away with what he has been missing. He received a well deserved "I told you so". If he thinks the Ardennes are fast wait until he tries the new stinger 60's. Anyway, my goal for this year is hit the 26mph avg mark. I left off at 25mph last year for the 12.5 mile course (20km). I have to see tomorrow if I got it. I may have got a personal best because I felt pretty fast and had consistent power the whole time. Well, the ice cream is calling.