Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dome Days

Golf Show Posted by Picasa

Yep,back at the dome again all last week.It really was a drag at first because I had a crappy job to do. I had to clean up under neath the suite and tear out sheetrock to access some beam colums that we will be replacing. The Nasty, musty, mice crap infested insulation was horrible. That and it was hot under there in a confined space.It is a rushed job but we have enough guys there were I think we'll be ok.After that job was over it got alot better and I started to frame and rock.On friday we had to be gone by noon because the golf show was going to start.We would watch them set up everyday from the stands for break and lunch.One morning that really hyper morning lady for fox 9 news was there interviewing some people down on the driving range.You know, the one that interviewed the Nature Valley team for cyclocross this past season and where Scott biffed it big right in front of the camera.Ah, we also got to watch some Walker Texas Ranger one morning before work on the jumbo screens.I was laughing because I was thinking about the Chuck Norris Facts website durring all the fight scenes.You can't beat a CNRHK to the face. But anyway after work on friday I paid H'wood a visit and he sent me up to HED to pick up my b-day present. Hed just moved from White bear to right across our lake and within shouting distance from where Sam works.That is sweet.I walk in and they have a rack full of wheels lining the wall.They are pretty busy getting everything set up though.

Today was fun ,I took the day off again from riding and after church I went to the bike swap in St Paul.Good times seeing people I haven't seen in a while.Chris and Jen were there,Tim Norrie,Slim,Scott Harldson,Paul Hanson, and alot of other familiar faces.They had alot of nice stuff and some stuff just plain junk.I walked away with a unused top of the line wheel bag for $20.I wanted a few more items but I had no dough.Maybe next year I'll drag a bunch of our stuff down there to get rid of it.Today I also broke out the dirtbike and ripped out a few laps around the lake.There's only about 3-4 inches of hard snow which is perfect for rippin on.Still, it is a little scetchy in some spots.That tire diggs right through to the ice, so no hole shots.I found that you actually have more control keeping some speed up rather than putt along. I enjoy cornering the best,working the throttle and power slidding all over the place.Some studs would be nice though.Braaaaaaaamp!Braaaaaamp!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Gotta love the Minnesota weather

What a weekend huh,lots-O-Fun on the bike though.I was going to only ride 2 hrs on Sat. but I was staying warm and feeling good so I stretched it to 3.5hrs.If you dress right you can bike in anything.Get ready for this because this is what I had on from the bottom up...Lake winter boots with booties and insoles made for foot warmers,Ultimax socks,Freddies Choice warm-up extra,Assos FI-mile bib shorts,Rei midweight long underwear,Pearl Izumi flash tights,Gore windstopper tights,Craft windfront pro longsleeve base layer,Pearl longsleeve jersey,Craft layer 2 (don't know what its called)Craft courier jacket,Rei alpine ski gloves,Smith goggles,2 facemasks(swiched to a different facemask towards the end),and a partrage in a pear tree.Yes that makes for one wind sail bucking a headwind.Your probably picturing the Michilin Man riding down the street, right.All that clothing keeps your intensity in check though otherwise you overheat,I was perfect cruising around 155-160bpm.

Sunday after a bad nights sleep I took the day off.Everyone gathered at my cousins house for her daughters 2nd birthday.Halley is super cute and she flirts with me all the time, how fun is that.I loaded up on lasagne and cake with german chocolate cake flavored icecream mmmmmm.I could go for another round right now.Good times wit all the relies.

I bought some classic skis this weekend too.Andy at REI hooked me up with a good training ski,race bindings and boots all for $350.Sweet deal I think.I know we don't have snow but best to get it cheap at the end of the season.

Today was killer man.It was the first time as far as I know that I was late to work.Being a journeyman you can do that stuff now you know.Just kidding,I felt really bad though.See I had to be at work at 4:00 in Wayzeta which means I have to wake up at 3:00 A!....M!I set my alarm but it was set for pm.So I wake up at 3:45 and do a double take at the clock,CRAP! I never left the house so fast in my life.I was only a 1/2 hr late though,not bad for not having an alarm wake me up.I have this internal alarm clock that if I make a conscious memo I wake up pretty close to that time.The nice thing though is we can only work to 8:00 there, then go to another job,but we found out this morning that we couldn't work at the other job so they sent me home.Sweet! Long ride today.I did the Afton loop for the first time and it killed my legs, 4.25hrs in howling winds and hills all the way.Every time I went up a hill a gust would try and blow me down.Even up the Afton hill I was pushing a wind,whats up with that?.I did'nt bonk but my legs were getting sore and stiff.Its all good though, at the end of the ride when you know you made it.Anyway, Hollywood is going to put together my birthday present at Hed ind. tomarrow,so I'll be picking that up this week.Untill then,I am beat, I'm going to go lay down.wtyl

Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Its been a week already,wow.As you can see in the pics I finished what I wanted to on the obsticals.The teeter-toter works well.It slams down pretty hard.I hope nothing works loose on it.Now I wait for spring.

I worked in Hudson for 1 day then I went to Minnegasgo in Minneapolis for a day and now I'm in Edina working mostly on my own in an office building. Its gravy work, sheetrocking,setting door frames,ceiling grid,demo,ect. I have it good too-break area with a microwave,clean bathrooms and most important...heat.You appreciate that stuff more when you've worked without it. I keep some tunes playing on the radio because with nobody around it would get lonely.It makes the day go faster,and I seem to work faster.That Dome job is going and I might someday make it over there. I don't mind if I don't though.I heard its a rushed job and that they were thinking of running 2 shifts.No fun.

I hit the bike hard early this week knowing that its going to get cold this weekend.I did back to back 3hr rides.The first one I was feeling super.I did my local hill route into Stillwater with the burly Surly fully loaded.The second day was good but the headwind comming back from Forest Lake was brutal.I was feeling the bonk comming on quick so I stopped at the gas station and got a buck-fifty bonk buster....a can of Coke and 4 York peppermint patty cookies.I slammed it all in like a minuite and never felt better after that.That stuff went straight to the blood stream.The nice thing about the peppermint patties is that they still have their minty freshness when they go down the second time.Eeeeewwwww!Yesterday I did an easy 2 hr loop around the lakes,and today I will take it easy with an hr recovery spin on the trainer.
I feel confident in my training so far. I'm in alot better shape comming into the season this year than I was last year. I still have alot to learn in my training to find what works best for me. I am getting more relaxed about my training time. I used to get stressed about getting off work late,sitting in traffic,working far away,having a hard day,blah,blah.At the end of the day I would have had the same amount of time being stressed or not.Rushing in the end never bought me more time (if that makes sense). Getting stressed to ride and feeling obligated to do so much made it almost no fun to ride.Now I'm just relaxed more and enjoy the rides. I still have set hrs and goals for the week but riding is just more enjoyable.If I have to sacrifice some training time, so be it. As long as I take advantage of the time I've got ,I can make up for it some other time.At the end of the day I just love watching those sunsets go down on those backcountry roads. Besides cycling is suppost to relieve stress not create it-to a certain extent.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back to work

My boss just called and I'm going back to work tomarrow.Tomarrow? Yea, I don't want to work one day and then hit the weekend either.This is the way it is in this business.We don't get a notice when we get laid off or comming back to work.When they need ya, they call ya.You just have to be ready. But anyways, I get to work out of state for the first time. Good ole downtown Hudson Wisconsin, at Luther Chevy. At least I'll be going opposite of all the traffic.Should be good though,I'd rather travel east than west.I'd better get ready- see ya.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trail building

My playground Posted by Picasa

Log bridges
The past few days have been beautiful,and since its a rest week I'm working on my singletrack.I'm getting into it and its a blast.You can just let your imagination go. I'm getting all the lumber from Union school and dumpster diving at the development down the road,one mans trash another mans treasure.I can't wait to try them out.Some of the boards look a little sketchy but I think they'll hold. I'm thinking about a teeter-toter dismount off a big log shown in the pic.If its nice tomarrow I may get out and finish it up.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I've been working outside on cleaning up the forest the last 2 days getting all the brush thats laying down burned up.We pretty much left our woods untouched since we moved here 9 years ago and just threw yard waste over the hill.Now I've been the chainsaw masacre and clearing out all the buckthorn (nonative tree that has been taking over the native plants.It looks like I'm clear cutting everything but its all bucktorn.And the fires I've been having are massive.As fast as I can throw it on.Its the only way to get things done.We've got one pile down there thats about 10ft hight we're going to light up this week.I've got some of the course figured out already but I have to wait for the ground to unthaw to start building.

Sam pointed out Jesse Rients in the lineup at Snowshoe behind Jerimiah Bishop in "Off Road to Athens".It's a really good shot of him too that lasts for about 5sec.You can see his "Nature Valley" jersey and everything.Very nice.

My schedual has been going excellent. 3 weeks of base training being laid off and having warm weather.Can't complain about that.I'm going to rest this week and probably go back to work.The company is working on getting everything finaled for a suite remodel at the Dome somewhere in right field.My boss said when the Twins approve it he'll give me a call.More "Dome Days" may be in my future.Have a nice superbowl weekend.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Off road to Athens

I got this movie a few days ago and I finished watching last night.I thought it was very well put together.For those who don't know its a documentry film that followed the US Olympic hopefulls for 2004.They really stayed away from putting the movies' focus on one particular team,or rider.They really went deep into the hearts of the riders and showed their real emotions.There's alot of lows in the movie with plenty of tears.The riders interviews in the special features was real interesting.Especially the one on Filip Meirhaeghe.I'm so glad that guy got caught.He was so full of himself.All he cared about was winning,if he wasn't winning he wasn't happy.He had the wrong attitude.The American comments on the matter were really good and spoke for alot of cyclists.JHK said he likes racing in America better because there is alot of riders cheating in the World Cups.Its totally unfair.Anyway,I'm proud of our American riders because of their genuiness for the sport.Everyone of them showed humble sportsmanship toward each other.Its a very inspirational story.It makes for some great discussions.There is so much more to this movie so get your own copy!(or invite me over for a movie night) Click on the title for a link to the trailer and the place to buy the dvd.Its a must for cyclists