Friday, November 24, 2006


A perfect Turkey day ride this year.25+ people showed up to ride the river bottoms.No troubles as we made good time on the way out.on the way back we took some different single track trails up through a park preserve and someone decided to play "who's the pro".We all regrouped to get across the closed bridge.We had to hand up our bikes to each other through the bridge deck joists to get on the bridge and cross it.From the 35w bridge it turned into a race and me and Sam didn't even try to keep up.It was too nice out and we just enjoyed riding.I'm happy to announce I didn't even feel a bonk come on which makes for a much more enjoyable ride.Sickboy got the bonk this year.
I'm getting alot of variety on the mtb this last week.I'v hit Mammoth,river bottoms,and Lebenon in the same week.Last ride of the year at each most likely.October and November switched on us this year which is fine with me.Buy to be honest I'm ready for winter and now that Christmas is comming, bring on the snow.
Sam braved the chaotic shoppers this morning and nabed the last Samsung 22" widescreen lcd monitor.This thing is huge and freakin bright.It will be nice for watching our movies from the couch though.
I think blogging will be slow from here untill Christmas.In between seasons is slow and not much going on.I'll organize my photos and what not,other than that I gots to wait for some content.Thank for reading

Sunday, November 19, 2006

daily ramblings

nothing very interesting to talk about this week other than work.I was sent to the Hyatt Hotel in Mpls on thursday and gota good upperbody workout.We were demoing out the locker rooms stripping all the tile off the floor and walls.Everything was tile,sauna,steamroom,showers,jacuzzi,and bathrooms.In both mens and womens.Here's the kicker though, the elevator doesn't go up to the locker rooms so we fill up 55 gallon bins to a manageable wieght(we weighed one at 140lbs)and carry them down 2 flights of stairs to another cart.All day up and down,up and down.Then on friday I had to go to Center point energy and started at 5am.I laid base all day and didn't get out of there untill 6pm.13hrs on your knees hurts.I only had a 15min break and a 1/2 hr lunch the whole day.
Today Me and Sam met up with Chris,Berry,and Dave out at Mammoth.Very nice conditions with the temps in the mid 40's.Chris could't resist but to hammer a few sections and let the body know what it's like to be in the red zone.Dave had a new bike and outfit to match.He built up a nice full sus. Gary Fisher.He was having fun since he mainly raced his single speed or the rigid bike this year.
I signed myself and Sam up for a trip here for next summer.If I miss a race or two so be it.this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.One of the days we will be staying here.Silver Cycling is putting it on and there will be 10 riders with 6 support crew.Our lodging will be in a stone cottage at the base of the Col de Tourmalet.I can't wait to do some classic climbs.Epic for sure

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Cyclocross update(updated)

Sam raced the B class at the State Cyclocross Campionship yesterday at Bassett creek park.He started off midpack as usuall but about threee laps in he started to move up quick.With about 4-5 to go he took the lead in front of Brian Eppens little brother.Sam led for the remainder of the race with Eppen glued to his wheel.Right before the barrier section Eppen attacked and put a gap on.Sam couldn't follow and came in 2nd.Eppen is the one in front of the Red Bull banner in the last photo comming into the finish.Eppen isn't from MN so Sam gets the title,on the mtb.Correction,talked to H'wood today and Eppen was first on the results so I guess Eppen does live in MN somewhere.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ok,Ok I've been slacking a bit when it comes to blogging.But hey its the off season for me and I don't have much to talk about.I just have a bunch of misc stuff to write about today.First of all I thankfully got switched to a different job,I was running from Ridgedale shopping center in Minnetonka to Burnsville Shopping center.We did the new Labrea Bakery in Macy's and working on the Rocky Mt Chocholate Factory in Minne,and a new MAC makeup display in the Macy's in Burns.The Choc.Factory is the biggest of the 3 jobs.I had to core drill a 12" hole up through Brookstone and Bebe's.Brookstone hasn't been very good about being on time to let us into the store and we wasted about 2 hrs per person waiting on them.Bebe's however has been very helpfull and the girls..... Bow,bow oooohhh yeeaaah,very good looking.Good job God! Felt a little outa place walking through all the fancy fashion clothing with a massive core drill and scrubby cloths.Took about an hr of constant drilling to get through 6 inches of concrete.I do like these little retail jobs that are low key and inside.
Deer hunting this year was slow.The deer were not moving during the day due to the bright nights we had over the weekend should be better this weekend and next.My dad the lucky one got one for the freezer though.Just a spiker.I might go back up next weekend but we'll see.The funniest was one of my grandpas buddies from the navy came up for the night.All he would talk about were his new diapers and pills he was taking.He thought it was the greatest thing.And he couldn't go outside to pee,no he had to go in a tin can while talking to ya then go throw it outside.I wake up that night to the sound of him going in the can then watch him stumble to the door half a sleep like drunk with a beer in his hand.Typical deer camp humor.
I also got my title to go through on the motorcycle yesterday.I got the right cop to help me out on the "safty check".She was getting more wound up about the situation than I was.One of her pet peeves is people getting the run around by red tape.I was thinking I was going to have to make another trip back but she laid down the law and made the girls behind the counter get the paperwork done even though they locked the doors after we arrived.I could tell she wore the pants in her family.
We have stuff for sale:
18" Salsa dos niner
set of Zipp 303's with tufo tubular clinchers.Each tire weighs 215g I don't even have 100 miles on the tires
late 1990's 16" Schwinn homegrown hardtail frame
16"Trek 970 beater bike
54cm lemond reno (was also a beater bike)
The two beaters Sam is only looking for $50-75 each but they do need some work
we have some rim brake wheelsets to sell we're switching to disc so everything must go.We must have about 3 or 4 sets.New Mavic crossride,xtr w/delgado rims,xt w/717 rims.
2001 or 2002 small giant tcr road bike,full ultegra
If anyone is in the market for any of this let me know and I'll give more details

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or treat 10k

No I didn't go shining deer last night.I went on my annual trick or treat run.I go up around Turtle lake which is just over 7 miles round trip.I found this guy laying on the side of the road fresh as could be.I could still smell him.I'd say he got hit within the last 15 minuites that I saw him.Just before I say this guy I was running down the trail with my headlamp on and I see these 2 glowing eyes running straight towards me.I knew it was a deer but it was still eery.
I stopped in for a sugar load at the Thompsons house because they live right off my running route and I haven't seen them in a while.We talked a while about our winter plans and skiing.I think I'll be seeing them more this year and hopefully I'll be able to train with Eric.Eric had a fantastic finish at the last cross race finishing 4th in the A class.He will be going to nationals this year.

This is the biggest holloween set up in the area.Every year they add something more.The homeowners own the Keys Cafe restaurant.The kids get candy while adults get margaritas.The Harbor place development next to us gets the most trick or treating activity in town.