Friday, March 21, 2008

Skills I wish I had part 2

I wonder how many Red Bulls it takes to ride like this.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The blog needs a little more action don't you think.Here are skills that would be fun to have.

Not much going on here. Wish the snow came in January or February instead of now. More on the way too I guess. Doesn't matter to me for now because I was on the couch all day yesterday with the flu. One of those 24hr bugs that feels like you got ran over by a truck. Adding in nausea and a splitting headache, I was wasted. I'm a little weak right now but my appetite is back and I don't have a headache anymore.
I heard today that the Oxbow Classic is canceled this year. Bummer a lot of people really liked that one.
I sighed a big sigh of relief when I got my cat 3 upgrade today. I was hoping I didn't have to chase some points at the early season road races in order to be in the cat 3 stage race I signed up for over memorial weekend.
I'm anticipating those arm and leg warmer only days now.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well yesterday was probably going to be the last day I ski this season. Sam was feeling good even though we did river bottoms the day before. My glide started out good but it turned sour when we started hitting all the dirty snow. Sam had some moly on which helped him. The warm up will begin this week and the snow will be almost gone. I would have gone skiing today again but I did a lot the last few days and I'm taking a couple days easy. I sharpened the skates and coated the blades this weekend and now I have to stone grind the skis and put a summer coat on. The bikes are all ready to go. We sent in the rear shocks over the winter to get new seals and oil and what not. I put new rings and chains on everything too. The only upgrades for this year are some lighter shoes and pedals. I'm looking at the new Look quartz pedals and Specialized shoes with the boa system. I like the Look pedals because they have a bigger platform than egg beaters yet lighter than Time. The Specialized shoes have had good reviews and they are one of the lightest available. I should shave a 1/4lb off the pedals and shoes combined.
Friday Sam, Chris, and I went down to the river bottoms. Fresh snow and around 10 degrees. The sun was strong and was actually making the road section at 35W muddy. We were out there for almost 4 hrs. I have no pictures because my lcd screen on my camera decided it did not like Minnesota temperatures. I did the river bottoms 2 times this week. Its a lot better than on the road because you can stay warmer and out of the wind. Keeps the mind occupied too. Now with warmer weather on the way the streets will clear up and conditions will favor the road. Not too long before I do my Scandinavian town tour.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Season Over

Some of the Twin City Speedskating Team: Me, Patti, Steve (coach),Andy, Mike

Skating ended on saturday for us. They had metric racing instead of pack. This would be the first time I raced metric. I did the 500 meter and the 1500 meter. My 500 meter was 48.78 with a 12.48 opener, and my 1500 meter was a 2.31.73. Not very good. If you want to see full results click here. I wasn't feeling the weight transfer that I should have and didn't have the snap in the legs. Oh,well its a learning process, some days you have it some you don't. I had a good time though. Nice day and we hung around after and did a few more laps before stepping off for good. Floyd says this year was his best team yet. No egos and everyone is out there having fun and getting along.

Now it will be biking and secret training for me. I'll be doing some things different this year and Floyd will be working with me throughout the summer. He has some elements I'm going to try that will hopefully turn out some better results. I think Sam will be in on it too so look out.

Mike Anderson: Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby.
Air Boss Oftedahl: That's a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.