Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm pulling the plug for this weekends race in St Cloud. I would like to support and be there but,
Reason 1: Multiple papers to write
Reason 2: I'm already locked in for my placement in the series standings.
Reason 3: I need a break to prepare for this...

Began inlining this week. Floyd says I'm looking superb for the first time ever on such contraptions. Cruising at 16-17mph. It's all coming back though.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Another Chequamegon in the books. Every year this race kicks my butt. I can never go from sitting for 15 min in the start shoot to spinning out a 44x12 within a minute. Long story short I pushed myself until OO usually I would be feeling good at this point but no can do so I sat up on the dirt road before Martels Pothole and chatted to a guy who was feeling the same. Right before I went into the 4 wheeler trails A group with Hollywood,Jena Zander,Nicoli Anikin, and Jan Rybar, came up. I Jumped in and decided If my race was finished I might as well help Jena since she was chasing down Lea Davison. I pulled for her on the long dirt road section and kept her in contact with the group. She was strong out there for sure. I was ahead of her a bit at the top of Fire Tower but I think she caught back up on the last Birki section which is where I started to cramp on the climbs. After that we caught some more riders on the logging trail and last dirt road. She must have had a second wind because she went to the front and pulled into the Telemark trails. I went to the back of the line and talked to a fellow Hed employee Paul Ellis for a bit. I spun all the hills the best I could to ward off any cramping coming in with a personal best (didn't feel like it) time but a personal worst placement. Last year I had a time of 2:25 and was 32nd but this year my time was 2:22 and I was 59th. Go figure. I got double chicked too which hasn't happened for 4 years when Sue Haywood beat me on this course. Those are some strong ladies out there mixing it up with some excellent male riders. I found out latter that Sam helped out Lea, giving her his water bottle after she dropped hers at a feed (It was a fresh bottle he had in his jersey). Lea also managed to beat Sam too, and for her to beat the likes of Tim Mulrooney, and Eric Thompson on a course like this to me is amazing. Helmets off to her.
The last race for me is next week at St Cloud. Its a flat technically fun course, so if it doesn't rain and I don't have a lot of homework I'll be there. As far as training on the bike goes its over. I just ride when I feel like it or when I can ride to school. I'll go on a little break here and start the process over to skating.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Where am I going?

Regained contact.

Trust me on the last lap this one hurts.

Pictures from

Maplelag is always the climax of the year. Race-eat-relax, sums up the experience.
Its fun to just sit down and joke around with the spare time between events. The Swanson bros. are a riot to be around. Its always nice when they show up.

TT- not feeling fast at all. Drowsy and a little ill feeling really. It was an early start, a couple hrs after breakfast so the body isn't used to that. I ended up with a 10:20 time which was good enough for 7th, Sam was 5th.

STXC- I stayed off my feet after the tt and even layed down for a bit. I wasn't all too pumped up for the race but once it started I began to open up. A few laps in I was on the inside and someone came in on my front wheel. Which is what happened in the picture. I almost took out Jake. I recovered and chased back on quickly. Doug,Brendan, and TJ got a break. Sam decided to come to the front and chase it down. He was chasing for at least 5 min. When he began to fade, we were close so I came around and finished it off right at the start line. I was wondering why Brendan was cornering so slow and then would pin it out of the corners. Find out he burped his tire. I should have made an earlier effort to get around him. Came in on the sprint in 5th and Sam 7th. After the race I was feeling lots better and was all revved up.

XC- It was downright hot out. The first half lap was too fast for the conditions. I was riding behind Brendan most of the lap and we were both riding like small children. I liked when I came out on Suicide Hill, I was at the bottom and Sam and Doug were drag racing halfway up. TJ had dropped his chain in the lakeside drops so he went back around at the top of suicide as well. Brendan and I passed Doug 3/4 lap in on the ski trails. Brendan took off from me after the start finish area and never saw him again. Doug caught me exiting the final single track. I had to stop and get two bottles out of my stand because I was hurting bad and I don't think I could have made it without. I eventually caught him back maybe with a 1/4 lap to go on the ski trails. When I looked back shortly after he was gone. I tried to put as much time in as I could without cramping but to no avail. In the end Doug got the last box. I was pleased with 4th on the day and 5th overall in the omnium. Sam finished 2nd, 15 seconds behind TJ and 3rd overall in the omnium. Thanks to the Richards family for all their hard work on putting on such a quality race and accommodation's.
Full results
Sam Brendan and I are pretty much locked in on our final results for the series in 1,2,3 respectively. I don't know whats going to happen the next race. After Chequamegon its all over really. Its been a fun and successful season. I can look forward to ice and snow now.