Saturday, November 26, 2005

Not another one!

Another project in the works Posted by Picasa

Thats what my mom said when I told her about this motorcycle. Its a 1200 1983 Yamaha Venture Royale. With all the bells and whistles. Intercom system,adjustable on the fly air suspention,back rest, highway pegs,detachable hard saddle bags,and a trailer. This thing came off the line a month after I was born.I bought it from my boss last weekend for $500.00.In the condition it will be in when I'm done I think I can get $3,500. So yeah, its an investment. It doesn't look like much in the picture its just that I have it pretty well torn down.I had to separate the frame to get the gas tank out.It was sitting in his barn for a couple years and just wanted it out.All it needs is a good cleaning,the normal maintainance,2 mirrors, a rear tire, fuel filter,battery,and a fuel pet cock.So I'll put a couple hundred more into it and she'll be ready for next summer.I'll get a nice pic up when its all ready.
I went on a ride today in the slush.I would much rather spend 3 hrs skiing through the snow filled woods on the weekend instead of dealing with traffic on slippery,wet,and salty streets.It will be here soon enough though.The gym has been going good. Not many people there yet.After new years it will be a zoo.I might drop in on some revving classes this winter.We know both instructors pretty well,and the classes are growing.Other than that work is the same, and the new deadline is December 15th which everyone is saying we'll never make.Well, my aunt just brought some pie over,I have to do a taste test.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Meals and wheels

Me and Sam started out the day getting up at 5:30 and heading down for the Turkey Ride on the river bottoms.It was friggin cold starting out.It was 10 degrees with 30 mph winds.Doug,Dan,Kylander-Johnsons,Mean Dawg,Sickblog,Dan Cleary,Eric Guse,and 2 other guys made the bunch.We hammered some spots but kept a good pace most the way.We only made it to the ferry crossing and had to turn around do to a lack of a ferry.On the way back we added a little section of single track up to Indian Mounds and back.At about the 3 hr mark I hit the bonk HARD.My legs had nothing left and I could barely turn the cranks.I was left to fend for myself up and over the mendota bridge which was uphill and into the wind.That really sucked! On the other end Mean Dawg and Dano were waiting and encouraged me back.We were out for a little over 3:30 hrs. That was one of the worst bonks I've had.But you know what, afterward the thanksgiving spread never tasted so good, and I ate guilt free baby! I've never worked that hard for a meal in my life. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and ate alot,now I have to get ready for work tomarrow... gal-darn it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank You

Since its Thanksgiving this week I thought this would be a good time to say my thank you's. First I have to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all the blessings he has given me all my life.He has been so good to me even when I don't deserve it.If It wasn't for Him I wouldn't be where I am today.Next I would like to thank my family for all their support.I have everything a cyclist would want at home,a training partner,a super cook,and alot of moral support. And thanks to the extended family for a killer cheering section. Thank you to the Hall's, its an honor to be on a team with one of the top cyclists around,I had a blast traveling around to races with you and I learned alot this year. I am looking forward to another fun and challenging year and to keep advancing my skills. I have to give a big "party on" to Jay "Hollywood" Henderson for hooking us up this year with equipment,as well as Andy Palmer at REI,you guys rock! I would like to thank all my competitors.If it wasn't for you guys (and some gals) to push me past my limit every race I would never get better.And thank you racers of all classes.You are the ones that make up the majority of the races,without you there wouldn't be any funds to have any thing.All you race promoters thank you, we truly do have some killer courses here in MN and you spend alot of time preparing for us. The people I've met and the experiences I've had are amazing. To all of you, have a great Thanksgiving.

P.S I'd encourage you to write a comment on what your thankfull for and why.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


This week the weather was down right crap. Work is still at a moderately high pace because there is still some things that need to get done before the ground freezes.Monday I worked 11 hrs pouring post columns for the 2 decks at the church.Tuesday me and a coworker spent the entire day organizing and cleaning the entire outside before the snow and deep freeze came.We worked in the dreary rain and drizzle all day,but was highlighted by going mudding with the bobcat,and driving that around all day.Then there was wednesday and the bottom fell out with strong winds.I could feel that January bite to the air you know. Me and the boss were working on mounting decorative stone above what the brickies layed to give it a pillar effect.It turned out pretty good after all the troubles we had with fastening the mounting brackets.Thats what I like about carpentry, at the end of the day or job you can look at what you've accomplished and be proud of it.
As for training I've been riding the bike about 3 times a week or so and lifting weights 3 days.Today I did a 3 hr ride out to Marine on the St Croix.Man is that hard when your body isn't used to it.In the summer it would be cake,but I was feeling the bonk at the end,and my legs were rubber. This week will be a short one with Thanksgiving and all.I hope we get friday off too but I haven't heard for certain.I talked to the boss of the bosses yesterday and he said we're busier than we've ever been.I'm betting I'll be working for most of the winter if not all.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Long live night rides

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Yes,the best part about this year have been the sunsets, absolutely amazing with the calm mild weather. I've been putting in more miles lately, and that means spending some time in the dark. I'm still out in the countryside when it gets pitch black,and all the creatures eyes look like aliens.I swear that horseback riders are nocturnal. I've seen the most on the gateway trail now at night than I saw all summer. I'm going to REI tomarrow to get another tail light and some other stuff.I'll be looking like a Christmas tree going down the street,but you gotta be seen.

Work has been very nice I might add.Working outside has been fantastic.I've been practicing my sheetmetal skills doing facia and the soffits.And today I caulked about 30 windows. Not many guys like to caulk it takes a steady hand,patience,and consentration. It went alot better when it warmed up and made the stuff more workable. I hope we have the finish work inside when the weather turns bad, thats one of my favorites.

This weekend I'm staying home and doing final outside chores,working on bikes,organizing,and shopping. Sunday our church is having their fall brunch where everyone brings a crockpot of something,or a dessert.I'm making my corn chowder again which went pretty fast last year.Sam will be at the MN state cyclocross championship race.I think I persuaded him to do the A race just to see how he'd do. You cannot keep that kid off the bike.I am not kidding when I say that I can probably count on one hand the days that he has not swung a leg over the bike. And he's been riding more hours now than in the summer. Once that kid finds his workout and recovery balance I think he will be insanely fast.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

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I'm guna get dat terdy point buck

our neighbor got one of the big ones Posted by Picasa
I'm back from the deer slaughter this weekend.I went up friday and got my last ride of the year in on the green machine.I rode the last section of trail to my cousins that I couldn't do last weekend.The trails were sweet as allways and pretty damp.I got some helmet cam footage that I'll post latter.

Sat. morning the blaze orange stormed the forest. About 5 trucks 2 campers and 10 4wheelers went down the road friday night and sat morning. Our neighbors headed for there stands at 5:15am. I left right when the sky started to get light.I don't know about going to the stand in the dark because I always jump them out of the area.It happened again this year.At 7:00 it sounded like a war zone out there.Guns going off everywhere and a dude hoot'n and hauler'n after he got one.I was hoping for something to be chased by me but no luck.My dad however shot one at about 7:10 and after cleaning it he went back in his stand to cool off when yet another one comes by,and he tags that one.Man, every year he gets a deer in that stand and its always right away in the morning.
Like the pic shows,our neighbor got one of the biggins in the area.Fully dressed it weighed in at 212lbs and 8 points.People still say there is another, maybe bigger buck still out there.Those big bucks are smart and thats why they're still alive.We got our meat and thats the main objective,a trophy buck would be icing on the cake.
This week I start my weightlifting routine and go into a more planned out week of workouts instead of if I feel like it or not.Work will finally slow down in the next couple weeks and that will take some pressure off.