Monday, October 31, 2005 more.

I just might be interested in trying to make the Milaca cyclocross race. It just happens to be on the way back from the cabin and around the time that I pass through there. I'm going to have alot to pack then,deer hunting gear,racing clothes and bike,and maybe the motorcycle.I am way out of shape for it but who cares? I wonder how many other guys will pull up with a dead deer in the back of the vehicle,or better yet on the roof rack next to the bike.We'll see what happens and how it plays out.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Hello moto"

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Lots of stuff lately.Thursday night was Jeff's benefit party.If you haven't heard already, Jeff has set his sights on making the national mtb team for the Olympics in 2008.He will be doing some national and world cup races for the next 2 years to earn enough points to get him a spot on the team. His web site will be up this week and I'll try and post a link. At the end of the party they had raffle prizes and my luck has finally turned for the good. I won one of the grand-dadies, a 3 day 2 night stay atTimber Trail Lodge in Hayward WI.I get a condo on the lake with a pontoon included.How sweet is that! Here fishy fishy.

Friday afternoon I headed up north again to try and make it to my cousins place from our cabin,and make final prep on the deer stands.Sat I headed out by myself on the kowi on the Eagle country atv trail right from our cabin. I was having a blast roaring through the mud puddles and down the double track. But then something happened.I was about 100 yards from the nearest gas station when I ran over some barbed-wire and it got wrapped up in my rear wheel.It wasn't that bad and I was glad it was there and not it the middle of the woods.The previous owner must have slimed the tires because I aired it up and it held.I thought that I did something to the brake caliper because it was pretty loose. I took it easy going back which was about 10 miles.Upon closer inspection of the caliper it was fine.I decided to trailer the bike to the section I wanted to ride and try it from there.That section was alot more fun.Not many wet spots and the trial was like the Ore-to-Shore course.Lots of rocky hills with a mix of fireroads and loose sand.But that was the best riding I've done so far.I didn't quite make it and decided to turn around so I didn't run out of gas.My bike just doesn't have the range that I needed.I did get to know some new trails instead of the same old by our cabin.I figure If I were to make the whole trip it would take about 4-4 1/2 hrs round trip.

I'm going to start hitting the gym this week for some weight training.I feel like I'm getting ready for hibernation while everyone else is still racing and putting in long rides.I just don't have the drive to get out and ride that much. I think that will all change when the snow falls and I can change up the routine.Skiing will bring new motivation.Bring it on!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


We got on the subject of braces at work today and I mentioned that every time I go to the dentist they say I need braces. They all recomend that I go get it done while I have the insurance.I am now thinking of getting it done this winter. Does anyone have any comments about braces, and is there anything I should to know before I get them? Oh,and I'm getting screwed on my pention right now, along with every other newbe carpenter,that was nice to know.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is some countryside on one of my favorite roads just outside Withrow.The pic doesn't give that day justice though. Posted by Picasa

When will this job end?

I put in a grualing 50 hrs at work this week. And Friday was the worst.This new kid about my age maybe a little older shows up that morning.I wasn't around him at first because I was on a lift amongst the roof trusses while the other guys plywooded.All of a sudden the newest guy on our crew started to get short with him and the kid started getting really agitated, so I stepped in to cool thing down a bit.I didn't like it because when I first started construction I was verbally abused alot. Latter on in the day I found out why they were being mean to him.Me and my other 2 coworkers were having a heck of a time trying to figure out the trusses that came messed up and he started to lay down the smack how he had worked for Tappe construction and how he was this awesome wood framer.He even had the gall to go down to the sup. and even call the owner and say we didn't know what we were doing,and he didn't want to take charge the first day.He even made a smart remark to one of the older guys by saying "why do you wear a green hard hat,does that mean you are green and don't know anything." What an arrogant little punk.At the end of the day Ned our superintendant was about to pop and just sent him home on his first and last day.He said he couldn't build a birdhouse.

Today I just did some chores at my grandma's and around here. I just felt like staying around here anyway.I went on a nightride tonight and that Night Hawk pro light that I won early this season rocks. I used the 20watt bulb which is like a car headlight. I can make shadow hand puppets on the road its so bright. I hope I can get in some rides on the nice days this week,and maybe work won't be so hectic.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Yep, O.T. baby.I'm putting in 10 hr days so far and we still will be playing catch-up.It stinks I'm not on the bike in this nice weather.My feet hurt from the roof and I just want to crash when I get home. I don't get home untill 6 pm anyway.Oh,well I plan on taking some days off here around deer season.I've been packing cliff bars in my back pocket so I can have some calorie intake.No wonder everyone gets grouchy,they don't eat for 6 hrs doing hard labor,well duh.
I saw a sign at Anchor Block today that said "If you are grouchy,irritable,or just plain mean.There will be a $10.00 charge for putting up with you." I thought that was pretty funny.I gotta get ready for a nother long day,latter.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Another full weekend for me. Saturday morning me and Chris went to Lebenon,and had a blast.The weather was perfect.I brought the helmet cam along and got some video.After 2 full laps I went over to his new house.The new development that he's in is right were me and Sam used to ride our bikes when we were kids, it was all woods and single track then.We hung out and watched tv while enjoying some turkey burgers and baked potato fries.After that I met up with some friends from school at Applebies. One of which I haven't seen in 10 years.While we were eating I saw 2 more people I haven't seen in years walk in.How funny is that? After we chatted for a while I went straight to a friends wedding.She was formerly my french teacher. And again I saw a bunch more people I haven't seen in years.Man, the kids sure grow up fast. It was fun times hanging out again.Sam chickened out and skipped the reception, while I burned up the dance floor...Yeah, right! Man, I gotta learn how to dance. I always just sit back and laugh at the people who think they know how to dance. There was some characters there too.

Today was my 2nd cousins first b-day.He loved his cake.. mmmm.So yeah I gained a few pounds this weekend.But it was worth it. This week I predict more overtime.We're going to be tearing off the roof of the sactuary,the only part left that is still usable.The way the weather has been playing out, we tease them that we should have built an ark instead of a church.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

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We had perfect fall weather this weekend and it made for some good times.After having some troubles with a flat tire Sam finally got it fixed and we went for a ride to see if we could make it from our cabin to where I was last weekend with my cousin.We made it about pretty far but then we had to turn around at a large marsh.Now that I know the trails I think I can make it next time by taking some detours.There were mud sections every 100 yds from all the rain.At first we were hesitant beause you didn't know how deep it was or what was in there,then we got pretty confident and went for it.

I went hunting sat evening and got 2 grouse.There are birds everywhere up there but most of the time you don't have a gun.We also preped the deer stands and scouted around a bit.Its looking very promising this year as we saw deer everywhere.The exciting news is there is a massive buck in the area.Sam saw him first on his morning run, then I saw him this morning when he jumped across the road right after Sam took the hole shot pic.Its been a couple decades since there has been a buck that big in the area.He has a huge rack too.Sam said he's around a 10 pointer but the tines are long.4 more weeks untill opener and I'm optimistic.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dirt Biking,and wheelin

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I had a blast this weekend with my cousin (Ben) and his brother inlaw(Jason). Yesterday we went riding and Ben buried his rear end in the mud.When Jason tried to pull him out he got stuck with his Polaris Explorer.It took us a half hour to get them both out.I wish I had the camera with. We had mud everywhere.The trails were super fast and you could really open the machine up.They were just like Chequamegon trails.
Sat night we lit fireworks off for a while and tried to get a pic with Ben riding a wheelie through them.He's getting really good at riding. I can almost keep up but he's more stable through the corners.My bike is quicker on the flat roads and I can gain a little there.
This morning we went to a sand pit,and again forgot the camera.Ben was getting some nice air off some of the steep embankments.I didn't get too crazy, I still need to build some skill and confidence.The colors on the trees are fantastic up there.Now I hope it will cool off and feel like fall. I posted some pics in my photo album.

No luck hunting.We saw a lot of birds but we either didn't have a gun or the brush was too thick.There's plenty of time to get some birds though.