Sunday, June 26, 2005

Du Lac

When we arrived at Mt Du Lac it was downright cold.We pulled up and everyone is wearing sweatshirts and all had was a sleeveless shirt. But by race time it had got up into the 70's,perfect for riding.The start was a typical MN start.Sprint up a ridiculously steep hill from a resting heart rate and you can almost hear your legs pinging.Since I had a bad week I thought I'd have the same game plan as the last race and have Sam start in front of me.Next to me was Matt and roady Tone C. I was super nervous this time.But as soon as the word" go" comes all your energy goes to the legs and lungs.I was back a ways at the top of the first half of the hill and I saw Sam making some moves so I did the same and was a couple riders behind him at the top.Ross was right behind me as we hit the single track then as soon as he was rested he took off through his home turf.I bet those Ski Hut guys can do that single track blindfolded.I got up behind Sam andfound myself feeling pretty good.The pace was slow again so I told Sam I wanted to lead.As soon as he gave me a line I jumped up front and started to close a small gap.I like being up front because I can go faster through the singletrack that way.As soon as we got to the big climbs we were about 30 seconds from a small group which included Chris.I picked up the pace and closed it at the feed station I think.But we grouped together and for an entire lap it was me,Sam,Chris,and Ben moore.At the start of the climbing I kicked it up again and pushed a nice gear to get a small gap on the group.On the second part of the climb I looked back to see Chris leading the group about 30 seconds back.So I did the same thing he did to me on Shady Lane at Afton and waved my arm erradicly to motion him up.But it was Sam that attacked and made it back up to me at the top.We caught some new Ski Hut guy in the singletrack and he led a lap making a constant pace.At the start of the 5th lap I had put a small gap on Sam and dropped the Ski Hut guy on the climb. I was starting to feel it every once in a while in the singletrack.I just kept putting in those little burst's through the mud and around corners.But Sam was closing in.I was pondering if I should just let up a little and save it for a sprint or what.I just kept a manageable pace and kicked it on the last hill with about a 10 second gap.Man was that painful.When I got to the switchbacks at the finish Sam was right on my wheel.I said "Man,why did you have to do that."Comming down the hill I through it in the big ring and took the corners as fast as I could without sliding out.I guess it was a cool finish as I had the kick to take the sprint win over Sam.My time was 1:55,overall-15th.I'm happy with the result and had loads of fun in the singletrack.Next weekend will be tough.Sunday is the MN Wors union race then the next morning at 8:00 we are thinking about doing a crit in Northfield.Add in tues group ride and thursday nights at Buck,makes for a pretty intense week.We'll see what happens.


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