Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ah,Nice Weather Finally

How does everyone like the nice weather this week.After what we've had we deserve it.Tuesday was disappointing for me,it was that day where we were on the tail edge of the front,and the rain was very scattered.I really wanted to do a group ride so I waited untill 5:00 before I hopped on the bike.I had looked on the radar and it seemed like it would miss us,so I rolled the dice to try my luck.The ride doesn't start untill 6:30 but I was going to do a small loop to get warmed up.During my ride I saw this nasty cloud comming right towards me.I was thinking about waiting it out at a gas station but the ride was going to start soon and I didn't know how long it would rain.So I just hammered it to the group ride route and took my chances.Right on the south end of Bald Eagle lake the wind picked up and I looked over across the lake."Oh crap! this is going to suck" I said to myself as I could see a downpour comming across the lake.For those who remember Maplelag last year thats what it was like,no rain, to the flood gates of heaven opening up.I said forget this, and rode through North Oaks for a few hills and called it quites.
Then wed came and redeemed itself.Me and Sam went out to Stillwater and up to Marine on St Croix for a 3 hour tour.Man did that feel good.We avged 20 mph at a med intensity.Thats pretty good for us.
Thursday we raced at Buck and Sam did very well.He took 3rd right behind Luke.I was about a minuite back taking 6th in a finishing sprint with Chris and another guy.I was behind both of them at the bottom of the hill but I couldn't muster enough power to go around in the loose gravel.Oh,well not bad for the "fun night".
Friday was very nice at work.All the company sup's went on a fishing trip up to Voyagers national park on one of those 55 foot house boats.So I was all alone at work.It made some time to talk to one of the electritions and he said he would like to try a mountain bike race.He had recently bought a Fuel 80,so he might join me next week at Buck.After work me and Sam went to see Star Wars 3.Nothing great there. I thought the acting was poor for showing emotions.Yes,there are no loose ends at the end, but I think it could have been written better.Anikin was way too moody and swayed to the dark side too suddenly.The animation was good though.I bet this whole movie was made in front of a green screen.
Well,tomarrow is the Wausau race,and its going to be very hot and humid.Hopefully I'm acclimated to it by now.I'm just going to hang out around the house today and take er easy,my legs were a bit weary today on the ride.It's a good day to break out the grill,which we haven't yet this year...mmm fajitas.


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